What does Environmental Justice mean to you?

High school students can explore the history and principals of EJ and take action for positive change! Earn the Environmental Justice Badge.

Several definitions of environmental justice can be found using a quick Google search and depending on who you are and your lived experiences, one definition may seem to resonate with you more than others. Instead of finding the simplest or most profound definition of what environmental justice is for this introduction, we invite you to embark on a journey that will lead you to discover your very own understanding and definition of environmental justice. We know that environmental justice goes hand-and-hand with social justice both based on principles of equity, access, participation, and rights – and at its core, a sense of understanding that everyone deserves equal opportunities but especially those who are often left out when we say “everyone or all.”

Learn about the history of environmental racism and hear from the early leaders of the environmental justice movement. Uncover the events that sparked the movement and come to understand the long journey still ahead. Explore the principles of environmental justice and see environmental justice through the lens of people and communities most impacted by the injustices. Last but not least, join us and others in taking action and receive recognition for your efforts by earning your NWF EcoLeader Environmental Justice badge!

Read NWF’s Environmental Justice Statement