Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) is often called upon to assist residents when they have firearms or ammunition they no longer wish to keep.

Sometimes people no longer want these items in their home or find them while clearing out old storage.The best way to is to call the non-emergency line at 703-691-2131, TTY711 and request an officer come to your home. Make sure you leave the unloaded weapon in a safe place and direct the officer to it. The officer will verify the weapon is unloaded and rendered safe before taking possession of it.Although, not the preferred method, you can also turn in a firearm at one of the eight district stations.

Please call before arriving, make sure the weapon is unloaded and placed in the trunk of your vehicle, and separate from any ammunition. When you arrive at the station, leave the weapon in your car. Once you speak with the front desk, an officer will be called to the station to take the report and take possession of the weapon or ammunition.Whenever handling a weapon, please remember to utilize the following safety rules:

Treat every weapon as if it is loaded. Keep it pointed in a safe direction Keep your finger off the trigger. If you are not comfortable handling the weapon you are turning in, please be sure to call the non-emergency number (703-691-2131, TTY711) to have an officer come to your home.Help keep your family and neighborhood safer by disposing of unwanted firearms safely.

Learn more about firearm disposal at the Fairfax County Police Department website.