New Dominion Women’s Club

Free Event for Parents
Raising Resilient Kids
Tuesday, Feb. 21, 7 pm.

Join the New Dominion Women’s Club ( for this free event at the McLean Community Center, 1234 Ingleside Ave.

While you can’t just give a child resilience, you can absolutely nurture it. Resilience is sort of paradoxical: we want them to toughen up, but kids need some hand holding to turn hard times into resilience, rather than anxiety. The good news? You can use day-to-day parenting struggles or successes to nurture strong mental health.

Local parent expert Mary Smith is going to share with you the simple brain science behind resiliency and anxiety and give you easy-to-implement tools to help your children develop the emotional hardware to deal with whatever life throws at them. The even better news? These same tools lead to better behavior, increased cooperation and more calm at home. And who can’t use that?

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