McLean Central Park is a 28 acre public park, just minutes from Tyson’s Center, in the heart of downtown McLean, Virginia. McLean Central Playground Team is raising money for the Toddler Playground, to bring increased accessibility, sensory and adaptive play, and new equipment for people of all ages and abilities.  Fairfax County parks was allocated enough funding only to cover 41 percent of the cost of the new combined playground concept. That is why the McLean Central Playground Team came together to support the planning and fundraising for the playground renovations, working in partnership with the Fairfax County Park Authority and Fairfax County Park Foundation.

The group, known as the McLean Central Playground Team, raised $400,000 in a span of 10 months for the renovation of the playground, reaching their goal. The McLean Central Playground Team includes Cara Schantz, Jenny Gregory, Jessica Wu, Lacey Obry, Angie Golder, Sarah Farzayee and Rebecca Antzoulatos.

As a result of the successful fundraising effort, playground construction is scheduled to start in spring 2024. Universal design was a fundamental principle for the playground, and some notable features will include an inclusive merry-go-round and adaptive tandem swing that enables children who require additional support to swing face-to-face with caregivers.

The team will be accepting donations until the second week of January, and any additional funds will be used to enhance the playground further. Donations are managed by the nonprofit Fairfax County Park Foundation.

Visit the playground initiative’s donation website if you wish to donate money to make the playground even more special.