GrandInvolve Volunteers

Would you like a unique and interesting volunteer experience while making a difference in a school, classroom, family, or in one child’s life? Join GrandInvolve, a nonprofit program that facilitates volunteer opportunities in Fairfax County’s Title I elementary schools.

GrandInvolve is recruiting adult volunteers who are interested to provide classroom assistance with math, reading, and other simple educational tasks that the teacher requests. For a rewarding experience with flexible hours and various responsibilities, consider volunteering with GrandInvolve. For more information, including the Volunteer Interest Form, visit



  • Genuine concern for young people
  • Dependability and consistency in making the time commitment
  • Good listening skills
  • Willingness to accept different points of view
  • Ability to see solutions and opportunities
  • Flexibility and openness, with ability to maintain confidences
  • Patience
  • Encouraging and supportive, friendly demeanor

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For questions about volunteering, email our Volunteer Coordinator at