When you read to or otherwise engage our youngest students, you’re not only sharing your knowledge and experience, you’re sharing the most precious commodity of all – your time. GrandInvolve volunteers help connect the community to local schools by helping teachers so that vulnerable students can achieve and maintain grade level skills. Volunteers provide much needed support for school activities that help parents and families get more involved in their school.

The GrandInvolve program supports the education of our most vulnerable populations through classroom volunteering, building intergenerational relationships between our younger and older community members.

GrandInvolve volunteers engage in a variety of ways with students as:

  • Reading Volunteers – Listening to students reading, discussing books with students, encouraging reading comprehension and interest in reading.
  • Math Volunteers – Facilitating math skills games for individuals and/or small groups.
  • SEL Volunteers – Providing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) support to build students’ confidence in a school setting.
  • Kindergarten Readiness Volunteers – Helping students develop concentration, focus skills, fine motor skills, and classroom behavior, and may assist with reading readiness exercises.

Contact ncs-volunteers@fairfaxcounty.gov if you are interested in joining to make a difference.