The Vienna Jammers Presents The Big Jam

The Vienna Jammers’ BIG JAM featuring DJ ENFERNO.

The Vienna Jammers are a group of 8-17 year olds from Vienna, VA area. The members of the ensemble use a combination of traditional and non-traditional instruments, including marimbas, hand drums, trash cans and any other object they can hit! The steel pans made their debut in 2014.

The group began in 2005-2006 when a high school junior  Dave Cohen!) approached David L. Reynolds, Jr. (“Mr. Reynolds”) with the idea of starting an after-school percussion ensemble. The idea stuck, and the ensemble began rehearsing and eventually was able to book a few performances in the community. The signature Red Brute Trash Cans were purchased partly because of financial necessity, and partly because the group tried to emulate another famous percussion ensemble (Stomp!), at least at the core of it’s “found sounds” concept.


May 13 2023


7:00 pm