Brigade of Mercy: Annual fundraiser/Open House

Brigade of Mercy: Compassion without Borders

The Brigade of Mercy (BOM) is an impartial, neutral nonprofit that serves people of all races, nationalities, religions and genders. Our mission is to provide charitable humanitarian relief to the destitute, homeless, orphans, refugees, and victims of war and other calamities. Charitable humanitarian assistance includes: food, clothing, medicine, toiletries, toys, educational materials and other items as needed. BOM strives to empower all, including women and children, to lead a life with dignity and honor. We provide immediate relief to people who have limited or no access to resources to stay alive, safe, and healthy. We strive to have an impact locally and globally, as our work has no boundaries. We are here to change the world.


Oct 01 2022


3:30 pm

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