Support Students with Food Insecurity

Educate Fairfax Fundraiser

From June 16 through July 27, 2023, everyone who shops at Giant Food will be invited to round their grocery purchase to the nearest dollar. Those funds will be donated to Educate Fairfax to support students with food insecurity. Educate Fairfax is a 501 (c)3 non profit that works to make a positive difference in the lives of FCPS students. In the 2022-2023 school year, they raised over $26,000 through this program, which was used to clear delinquent lunch accounts around the district.

For more information about Educate Fairfax or questions about this fundraiser, visit the Educate Fairfax website.The nomination period for the Tree Commission’s annual Friends of Trees opens on Friday, June 23, 2023 and continues through Monday, July 31. A Friends of Trees award recognizes efforts made for exceptional, outstanding, and innovative conservation-based tree actions in Fairfax County that do one or more of the following criteria: Protect and preserve existing trees and associated habitats. Increase Fairfax County’s tree canopy and its related habitats. Educate and inspire people to plant more trees and properly maintain them, and convey an understanding of both the value and benefits of trees.Developers who go ‘above and beyond’ Fairfax County requirements to preserve and protect trees and associated habitats. Nominee Categories: A. Individual Volunteer: an individual who has provided extraordinary unpaid leadership in conceiving and implementing a tree-related project. B. Non-profit Group or Business: Examples include Scouts or other youth groups or clubs, “Friends of” groups, faith community properties, HOAs and Citizens Associations, county agencies and/or facilities.C. For-profit Company: Examples include large corporations or other businesses, HOA management companies, commercial nurseries, landscaping contractors, office park and property managers. D. Development Community: Must have demonstrated, during planning and implementation, a strong commitment to conservation-based actions to both preserve and plant trees above and beyond Fairfax County requirements. Winners will be announced in the fall, 2023. For more information, and nomination forms, visit the Friends of Trees Awards website.